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Glenda Roberts

Advisory Board Member

Glenda V. Roberts was an Information Technology executive with over 35 years of experience.  Before going on dialysis, Glenda managed the progression of her disease throughout her career via diet and exercise for over 40 years. Refusing to accept limitations, she enjoyed a fulfilling career, evolving from a software developer to a senior business executive managing multi-million-dollar business units for top-caliber corporations, including General Electric, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. Since her transplant in 2010, she’s completed eight half marathons.

Based upon her personal experience with kidney disease, Glenda is a passionate activist for kidney research and patients living with kidney disease. She’s involved in myriad patient-centered national and international health care transformation initiatives.  All are focused on addressing patient preferences and improving patient reported outcomes.

November 21, 2022: Glenda Roberts was recognized by President Joseph R. Biden with the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award. 


She was recently named to the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) Patient and Family Partnership Council. The KHI is a public-private partnership between the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help foster the development of new products to improve the lives of people living with kidney diseases.


Glenda was appointed as only the second patient to serve on the Canadian Can-SOLVE CKD International Research Advisory Committee. She was among the patient partners in attendance at the  International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Research Collaborative Meeting and 1st International Consensus Meeting on Defining Kidney Failure in Clinical Trials


In addition serving on the CDI Patient Advisory Board, the Patient Advisory Committee for the Kidney Research Institute, and the Home Dialyzors United Advisory Board, Glenda brings the patient voice to a number of NIH/NIDDK government (the APOL1 Community Advisory Board; the Kidney Precision Medicine Project Community Engagement Committee; the APOLLO Community Advisory Committee) and industry (APOL1 Delphi) research efforts.


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