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Ongoing Events, Activities, and Publications

October 1, 2021 will continue through September 2022 - Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) project, “Building Capacity to Incorporate Patient Preferences into the Development of Innovative Alternatives to Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT)", Nieltje Gedney, workgroup member

April 6 - NKF Podcast - Curtis Warfield Patient Panelist "The NKF Patient Network"

April 1 - Article for AJKDblog and NephMadness on the “Implantable Bioartificial Kidney” from the patient or patient’s advocate point of view, “I Have a Dream”


April 1 - Article for Kidney360, the open access journal of the American Society of Nephrology: Nieltje Gedney on The impact of medication cost on patients on dialysis and Nichole Jefferson: The impact of medication cost on patients with a kidney transplant.

March 11 - Article for Healthline "My BIPOC Experience Finding Care for Chronic Kidney Disease" by Curtis Warfield

January 23 - AAKP Live Podcast - Kent's Kidney Story - Curtis Warfield Special Guest Episode 53 

Nieltje Gedney member, Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for ESRD Network 5 and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for NCC-LAN

Nieltje Gedney appointed to the Clinical Advisory Council of Kidney Academy


Nieltje Gedney appointed to the Cynosure HQIC Patient Family Partnership Council.


"Advancing Kidney Health Through Optimal Medication Management" Workgroup, chaired by Wendy St. Peter PharmD, FCCP, FASN, FNKF Professor, University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, Education Subgroup Co-Chair, Curtis Warfield member.


"Innovate Kidney Care" Workgroup to modernize the ESRD Conditions for Coverage and make room for more home dialysis and a diversity of dialysis providers and settings.

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