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February 2022 Newsletter


This issue of the Home Dialyzors United newsletter is focusing on Valentine's Day.

Having a chronic disease should not keep one from engaging in relationships. Intimacy and love are possible under any circumstances.

When You Have Lost That Loving Feeling:
Sex and Intimacy on Dialysis

Read about how HDU Patient Advocate Erich Ditschman recovered “that loving feeling” after starting dialysis. It is a journey of hope.

For me, I could not focus on any of that until I found a part of myself that I could recognize. I needed some light to pierce the forest of fear in which I was lost–a glimmer of clarity from which I could convince myself that I could do this dialysis. In the beginning hope is transient, like the sun peeking through a dark cloudy day. Just as the sun brings relief and a smile, hope makes us persevere.

Kidney Quotables

I was diagnosed at 23 with PKD, was told I’d be dead by 40 and not to have children. I’d been going with my high school sweetheart at that point for 4 years, waiting to finally get married in 3 months. I went to him and told him forget marrying me and to run far and fast! He didn’t. We’ll be married for 50 years this May and he’s been by my side the entire time, home hemo care partner, two transplants, countless burst cysts and my bedrest, countless hospitalizations and on and on.

Anonymous, from Kidney Views Blog.

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