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How to Properly Donate Dialysis Supplies

Many people kindly want to donate supplies after a loved one has passed, they get a transplant, or they change modalities.

However, it’s important to note that dialysis supplies are a prescription and therefore it is illegal to donate them to human beings.

Fortunately, supplies (including dialysate) can be donated for use by animals at animal shelters, fosters, rescues, vets and vet schools, zoos, etc.. in your own area.

Additionally, this nonprofit is collecting supplies to ship to Africa and other developing and underserved areas:

Linda Lucas Nana. APRNPo Box 140213. Gainesville Fl 32614

The post said for now they're limited to FL and GA due to cost of shipping but are working on trying to expand to other states. If you live in FL or GA, the contact number is 352-215-5784.

Thank you very much for your interest in helping out!

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