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DVAC announces Partnership with HDU

Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition Announces Partnership With Home Dialyzors United


November 1, 2021

HDU will add more patient voices to DVAC’s growing coalition

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition (DVAC) announced that Home Dialyzors United (HDU) will be officially joining their efforts to amplify the voices of dialysis patients who depend on vascular access services for life-saving care. DVAC continues to gain momentum and grow as issues related to dialysis vascular access cause concern in Washington.

Nieltje Gedney, the HDU executive director, said “HDU is excited to be teaming up with DVAC in ramping up advocacy efforts to strengthen the voice of dialysis patients who receive their care at home. As a solo home hemodialyzor for over eight years, I know that nothing is more important to my health and safety than my lifeline—a working fistula. Without that lifeline, I would not be able to successfully dialyze. We are not just numbers on a budget spreadsheet because we live with the impacts of the decisions of federal policy makers every day.”

Gedney continued, “HDU members and all dialysis patients are facing headwinds from federal decision-makers about the future of vascular access centers, which provide specialized and patient-focused care for vascular access creation and preservation services in an office or ASC setting. Look no further than the recently proposed 20% across the board Medicare cut to dialysis vascular access services; cuts that would come on top of the 2017 CMS payment cuts to a key vascular access code by 39%.”

Dr. Gregg Miller, DVAC Health Policy Chair, said “DVAC’s mission is to draw attention to the frontline impacts of the decisions made in Washington and that’s why we are thrilled to welcome Home Dialyzors United in joining our efforts to further spotlight the voices of dialysis patients. We want to make sure all dialysis patients can receive the gold-standard of care from a doctor they trust and that patients aren’t squeezed out of local VACs and face more health inequity as a result.”


To learn more about DVAC and its mission, visit For more information about HDU, visit

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