Nxpeditions® Travel Program

updated November 15, 2017

Dear Valued NxStage Patient,

We are pleased to introduce Nxpeditions, the travel program at NxStage Medical, designed to provide guidance and resources to NxStage patients when planning travel with the NxStage System One.

The Nxpeditions Adventure Pack includes advice on what to pack and important considerations when traveling by air, land, and sea, both domestically and internationally, with easy-access checklists and contact information.

It will be included in the Welcome Home packet that is mailed to all new NxStage patients. Existing patients can request the Adventure Pack by calling NxStage Customer Service at 1-866-NXSTAGE or view the electronic version here Nxpeditions Adventure Pack.

 As part of the Nxpeditions program, NxStage is also launching post-travel surveys. Your input is valuable in helping us continue to improve the patient travel experience, and we appreciate your assistance. Please watch your email inbox for NxStage travel survey after future trips. We’d love to hear about your experience and any suggestions you may have for improving our program.

Below is a high-level summary of processes, timelines, pricing information, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to ensure your future travel requests are managed as seamlessly as possible.

Travel Process
NxStage recommends the following process when planning to travel with the NxStage System One.

  1. Discuss your travel plans with your care team as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. Be sure to include details about:

    • the length of stay

    • the destination address

    • plans for dialysis therapy including number of treatments

    • insurance coverage for you and the equipment

  2. If your care team approves your travel plans, they will complete the NxStage travel form and submit it to NxStage.

  3. At this point, the NxStage Customer Service Travel Team will provide you with a quote for any fees that may apply based on your destination and how far in advance you notify us of your travel. Refer to the Travel Order Lead Times and Fees table below.

  4. Once the quote is approved by you and your center, NxStage will work directly with you and your care team to arrange details for the supply delivery. Any charges that you are responsible for must be paid in advance of the supply shipment via credit card or Paypal.

Travel Order Lead Times and Pricing
Required notification of travel time will vary depending on your travel destination.

To make sure your dialysis supplies arrive to your destination as planned and avoid any disruption to your travel plans, please contact your center early in your planning process. For international travel, it is best to contact the NxStage Customer Service Travel Team several months before planning your travel to find out if we can service your planned destination.

NxStage incurs many costs in assisting you with your trip. We have worked hard to minimize the cost to you.

Please note that NxStage may not be able to execute requests that are in less than the required notification time or to certain foreign destinations. Refer to the Travel Order Lead Times and Fees table below.

Travel Order Lead Times and Fees
Note: All prices are in U.S. dollars


Weekend, evening and holiday deliveries and special delivery services will incur additional charges. Delivery charges for remote areas and destinations greater than 100 miles from a NxStage courier location will be charged based on quotation.

Supported Travel Destinations
Travel is supported in the USA including Alaska, Hawaii, and cruises, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Italy. Shipping and administrative costs will vary based on travel destination and order lead time. Refer to the Travel Order Lead Times and Fees table above.

For travel to countries other than those mentioned above, please contact your local Customer Service Travel Team. Patients should call their Customer Service Travel Team to discuss their destination prior to purchasing any tickets.

Important information
When traveling, it is important to have backup supplies with you. In no event, will NxStage be liable for any damages, costs (including cancellation fees) or injury resulting from any delay or failure to deliver any equipment or supplies to your travel destination or port of departure for cruise ships.

You are solely responsible for confirming that your equipment and all your supplies are at your final destination.

If traveling on a cruise, confirm that all your equipment and supplies are on board the ship at least four hours prior your departure. Please DO NOT board a ship without confirming with relevant cruise personnel that the equipment and supplies are physically located on the ship. If possible, have the personnel verify with a photograph of the supplies.

Patients and their care partners are advised to purchase travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Technical Support Services and equipment swaps available when I travel?
A. Technical Support is available for patients 24/7. The NxStage phone number is 866-697-8243 when calling from the US. From outside of the US you can dial direct at 978-687-4700.

Swaps for US patients are available in the US 48 contiguous states ONLY. Swaps are NOT available for cruise ships, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Renting of equipment is available in some foreign countries to NxStage patients on a short or long term basis, but you should always have a back-up plan in case of illness, equipment issues, or any other travel related problems. Contact your NxStage Customer Service Travel Team for more details.

Q. What is the lead time for travel orders?
A. Please refer to the Travel Order Lead Time and Fees table.

Q. Is a travel form needed if I am leaving from my home in a car or RV?
A. The travel form is required if you are requesting NxStage to deliver supplies to your travel destination. If you are requesting additional travel supplies to be shipped to your home, ask your nurse to complete the travel form. Typically, you will manage trips of less than a week duration yourself. For trips longer than one week, NxStage can arrange for the delivery of your supplies to your destination.

Q. How do I know what supplies to pack and how to pack my Cycler for travel?
A. Recommended packing lists and options for travel cases are available in the Nxpeditions Adventure Pack.

Q. Who covers the cost for supplies during my travel?
A. NxStage Customer Service will provide a detailed quote for any travel expenses that may be incurred. You should discuss payment with your care team and/or insurance company prior to making any travel arrangements. Any charges that you are responsible for must be paid in advance of the supply shipment via credit card or Paypal.

Q. Do I need to buy insurance for my trip?
A. NxStage recommends you purchase travel medical insurance that covers illness while traveling as well as trip disruption. You should talk to your center about insurance coverage for equipment to find out what is covered, if anything. NxStage does not provide insurance for equipment in the home or while traveling. You are ultimately responsible for any loss or damage.

Q. Is rental equipment available?
A. Yes, rentals of cyclers and warmers are available in some countries. Contact your NxStage Customer Service Travel Team for more details.

Q. What questions should I ask when making arrangements with my hotel to ensure my supplies are delivered?
A. Details on hotel deliveries can be found in the Nxpeditions Adventure Pack.

Q. Will the airline accept my equipment at no charge?
A. Any airline that does business in the US is required to comply with 14 CFR Part 382, which specifically calls out travel with portable dialysis machines. Your Customer Service Representative can email you a copy of this document. When traveling by air you should have a copy with you at time of check in.

The NxStage Customer Service Travel Team hopes you find this information helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your center or NxStage Customer Service at 1-866-NXSTAGE (866-697-8243).