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NxStage Medical is not your typical medical products company. By having control over when and where you dialyze - at home, overnight or even on the road - dialyzors may find that what was once impossible due to long drives for in-center treatment, exhaustion, and other factors, is now a possibility. The chance to resume a normal work schedule. To travel. Or to simply take your life back and feel more like yourself again.

Interested in home hemodialysis with the NxStage System One? Talk to a Patient Consultant today


Our consultants are all former or current NxStage patients or care partners who can walk you through what to expect with home hemodialysis.


NxStage System One is a simple, flexible and portable system providing the growing number of people with end-stage renal disease better options for hemodialysis treatments. NxStage System One was designed with patients in mind to provide simplicity, flexibility and portability without compromising safety.


Visit the System One webpage to download brochures and learn more.


The Atlas websites are one of the ways that NxStage connects current and future patients to health and wellness information.

Atlas Lifestyle provides Kidney-Friendly Recipes, Patient Stories, and Healthy Living. Atlas Balanced Life is focused on three key areas: Mind, Body and Spirit. It is also full of interesting and helpful articles from dialysis patients.

At Atlas, our mission is to help you discover your best self. The Atlas websites are focused on sharing resources to support a healthy and balanced life while on dialysis.

The NxStage video channel on YouTube has dozens of patient, product, and information videos.

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