Nieltje Gedney

 Over the years, Nieltje has extended her advocacy to the following groups/areas:

In addition, Nieltje has spoken to medical professionals and patients on the following topics:

  • Dialysis 101, As Taught By the Patient (ANNA, Fresenius)

  • Home Hemodialysis: The Patient and Care Partner Perspective (ADC, CMS)

  • Let’s All Talk: Advanced Care Planning (with Denise Eilers at ADC)

  • Making Dialysis Easy (EasyDial)

  • What To Do When Dialysis is No Longer Safe At Home (ADC, panel presenation)

  • Life on Dialysis: Synergizing the Rights of Patients and Providers (ADC)

  • Travel on Dialysis: Myth vs. Reality (NxStage, DOT)

  • Dialysis: Beat the Odds (HDU Conference, Las Vegas)

  • Living the Good Life: Isn’t Easy (CMS Quality Conference)

  • Anemia and Me! (webinar with ESRD networks)

  • The Patient Perspective Panel (IDEAs, Center for Dialysis Innovation, University of Washington)

  • Patient Experience in Home Dialysis and the Benefits of Telemedicine, Alliance for Home Dialysis and Kidney Caucus, House Subcommittee hearing

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