Our Mission

Home Dialyzors United, a 501(c)(3) non-profit patient organization, is the only dialysis patient organization dedicated to the home dialysis community. Our mission is:

“To inspire, inform, and advocate for an extraordinary quality of life for the home dialyzor community.”

What We Do

We Inspire… As dialysis patients, care partners, nurses, nephrologists, renal professionals, and supporters and friends of those with chronic kidney failure we encourage our members, both veterans of dialysis and newcomers to treatment, and the community that supports them. We are people just like everybody else, except we have been directly affected by chronic kidney failure.

We Inform… We desire an extraordinary quality of life for all dialyzors. The dialyzor comes first and care must be patient centered. We believe those on dialysis deserve to live a “new normal” life, whether that be working, volunteering, or traveling, and that they should be able to be full participants in family and community life.

We Advocate… We advocate proactively for issues impacting the home dialysis community. We will stand up for what is best for the patients and don’t hesitate to push buttons or stretch the envelope in order to ensure the best health care for those with kidney disease and chronic kidney failure. Most importantly, you won’t have to feel like you’re all alone! Our advocacy achievements… We have made great headway advocating for home dialysis patients with the government, home dialysis providers, doctors, etc

Online support groups for you… Home Dialyzors United also provides a comfortable setting for sharing mutual interests on our closed Facebook group as we travel down the road of home dialysis together. Dialyzors can safely share information about dialysis, and life in general, and receive support from those who are walking the same path.