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March 2022 Newsletter


World Kidney Day is March 10, and the entire month of March is designated as Kidney Month. This year's theme echoes what HDU espouses every single day: Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care.

This issue of our newsletter highlights resources directly associated with Kidney Month along with some whose goal is education and support for those with kidney disease. 


In addition, stay tuned as HDU continues to showcase the “Decade of Home Dialysis” throughout 2022. 

HDU launches videos during Kidney Month

HDU is supporting the mission of World Kidney Day as we launch the “Decade of Home Dialysis.” On March 10, in honor of World Kidney Day, HDU will showcase our new video “The Faces of Home Dialysis.” Studies have shown that by dialyzing at home, with either peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, people benefit by living longer, healthier, and more productive lives. 

Here is the link. Enjoy and be inspired by these incredible people who are living well with kidney disease!

World Kidney Day Resources

Check out this video blog by HDU Patient Advisor Chelsea Roman, called "Never should anyone be alone on their kidney disease journey."

HDU President Nichole Jefferson was quoted in a recent press release from Innovate Kidney Care: 


"Many more patients would choose home dialysis if it were more accessible. Home dialysis restores patients' control over their lives, but today there are too few options for accessing home dialysis. Modernizing the CMS regulations for home dialysis and addressing anticompetitive practices will inspire more widespread investment in the modality increasing equitable access."


You can participate in Kidney Month and World Kidney Day! How?

Share the HDU link with your family, friends, and care team.

Reinforce the idea that living well with kidney disease is entirely possible.

Encourage your friends to ask you questions about kidney disease.

Don’t be afraid to share your story with others!!! HDU would love to hear how you spread the word about kidney disease. You can do this via the HDU Facebook pages.

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