NxStage has heard from a number of System One users about an accessory that may make transporting your hard travel case easier. When planning your next vacation or weekend getaway, you may want to consider purchasing the Magna Cart (Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck), which is rated to support the combined weight of the travel case and cycler.

System One users have described having a positive experience with the Magna Cart, particularly with its fold-flat design and maneuverability.

How can you purchase the Magna Cart? It’s available for purchase from many online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The cost of the Magna Cart is around $70.

Please note that Magna Cart is not made or distributed by NxStage. Therefore, the Magna Cart is serviced and supported exclusively by its manufacturer in accordance with terms and conditions that are packaged with the product. You would contact the Magna Cart’s manufacturer directly for any technical support and customer service.