Low-Cost Healthcare Resources

James Hall at Senior Care Fitness has put together a list of healthcare resources to assist those who need it most (families on fixed budgets, seniors on Medicare, etc). As James writes “the cost of healthcare continues to rise, which leaves many people in dire straits” so we greatly appreciate his help in sharing these links to make this information accessible to all.

Find a Health Center - An online tool that allows people to find federally funded health centers in their area (data can be exported to PDF or XLSX). This interactive map is also available as an iPhone application.

FreeClinics.com - A state-by-state guide to finding free clinics. Offers additional information for no-cost medical clinics, affordable clinics, low-income clinics, and clinics that offer services to those who are uninsured. 

Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care - Information about Hill-Burton free care, which is available to people below current HHS poverty levels.

Low-Cost Dental Care (NIH) - The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research provides advice on how to find low-cost dental care.

Medical Cost Advocate - A healthcare cost reductive service that helps patients renegotiate medical bills as well as check billing accuracy.

MedicareAdvantage.com - This website offers a comprehensive overview of how and when to enroll in Medicare as well as a state-specific list of Medicare information and resources. 

Medicare Rights Center - Established in 1989, the Medicare Rights Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring people living with disabilities and older adults have access to affordable health care.

My Medicare Matters - Created by the National Council on Aging, My Medicare Matters teaches people about the Medicare system (when to enroll, how much you’ll pay, what to expect when coverage begins, and so on).

NeedyMeds.org - This national nonprofit provides a wealth of information about drug assistance programs and affordable healthcare options.

PACER Center - Specializing in treating children with disabilities, PACER Center provides this resource for parents trying to locate medical treatment and assistance.