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Jamie Boulanger

Dialyzor of the Month:
March 2022

Jamie’s entire life has been a very unexpected journey. He was born with cardiac, pulmonary, renal, metabolic, and skeletal issues, just to name a few. For years, it was believed his primary immune deficiency was the main diagnosis. It would take 29 yrs and 11 months, and years of extensive testing, to diagnose him with a large, possibly fatal, chromosome 10 deletion.


When it became time for Jamie to start dialysis, the choice was clear to us, as there is truly no place like home. He started home hemodialysis in June of 2021. Managing his multiple conditions is like balancing a scale; precarious at times, but when it is right, Jamie thrives. Life became hopeful, once again.


Our main goal for Jamie has always been his quality of life. His personality is larger than life, and he enjoys each day to the fullest. HHD has given him that life back. As a “medical mom”, it is truly an honor to be my son’s care-partner (this is a link to Lisa Burgess's bio)


And how about fishing! Jamie loves to fish with my husband Mark. He loves to watch wrestling and movies with his brothers, Benjamin and Dakota. Jamie wakes up with smile and has lots to look forward to

 each day.

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