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Amber Razo

Dialyzor of the Month

Amber Razo - Care Partner Extraordinaire!


My husband has kidney failure and has been on dialysis for 13 ½ years, 9 years of which has been home hemo. He has brain damage from high blood pressure and is kind of like a person with dementia. He requires constant supervision since he can't do things for himself, can't communicate very well, and doesn't think about the things he does do.


Even when he did in-center dialysis, I had to sit with him or else they would send him home early. He is also a below knee amputee on his right leg and had his toes amputated on his left leg and is not mobile at all. We live in a third story walk-up, part of an old house that is not maintained. Getting Richard to medical appointments is not easy. 


With two people on disability and me not working to take care of Richard, we could never afford a home until recently, when we had the opportunity to apply to Habitat for Humanity for a new home. This house from Habitat is something we'd never be able to get normally. They are going to build for us a brand new, 3 bed 2 bath, ground level home that is specifically made to be handicap accessible. Even all appliances are included. 


Having a handicap access home after all these years means that I can take Richard on outings, continue to foster the animals that I love, and generally provide us with a new lease on life. Home dialysis has been a blessing and has kept Richard alive (even his doctor has said he'd not be alive if still in-center), and now Habitat will see that he has a quality life.

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