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December Newsletter

HDU Was Working for You in 2021

Take a look at everything we accomplished over the past year!

  • Contributed to the NKF-led legislation for staff-assist dialysis.

  • Participated in AKH working group on including pharmacists in the care team for kidney patients (CKD/ESRD/transplant). Co-chaired Patient Engagement subgroup. Curtis Warfield is active member.

  • Contributed to NKF/ASN working group; Curtis Warfield is active member.

  • Supporting member of D-VAC, coalition to stop CMS cuts to vascular access and other auxiliary services (

  • With NKF, initiated a working group on KDE.

  • Founding member of Innovate Kidney Care (IKC). Met with CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, contributing to CMS RFI on home dialysis for changing the Conditions for Coverage to reflect the needs of home dialysis.

  • Partnered with The Kidney Project, helped create Patient Advisory Council, attended meetings.

  • Attended ASN Hill Day and NKF Hill Day.

  • Collaborated with MTPPI as member of their patient advisory committee to help guide research.

  • Nieltje Gedney: Member of Nephra Bio Patient Advisory Board.

  • Participated in Kidney Care Partners KCQA on data reporting/collection for home dialysis.

  • Member, Kidney Academy Advisory Board.

  • Nieltje Gedney appeared on NPR Marketplace Tech. 

  • Nichole Jefferson appointed by Texas Governor Abbott to the Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force.

  • Nichole Jefferson on IHJ eGFR Working Group.

  • Nichole Jefferson on APOLLO Steering Committee, Dissemination Group, and Community Advisory Committee.

  • Member of Kidney Advocacy Committee Diversity Work Group.

  • Participated in NKF Kidney Research Initiative.

  • Member of ASN Health Justice League.

  • Participated in Kidney Precision Medicine Project.

  • Contributed to Responsum for CKD.

  • Member of KHI Dialysis Access Collaboration.

  • Participated in KHI Diversity in Clinical Trials.

  • Nichole Jefferson served on Astra Zeneca Advisory Board.


A Final Thought

A final word: HDU has had an incredible year, and it's been so amazing to be able to serve and help Home Dialyzors around the world. We are looking forward to an amazing 2022 and changing the status quo even more! Join us in celebrating the Decade of Home Dialysis!


From all of us at HDU, we wish you a Happy New Year and the very best for 2022.

Nieltje Gedney, Executive Director

Nichole Jefferson, President

Denise Eilers

Curtis Warfield

Mara Bauserman

Merribeth Pentisuglia

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